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EDUNIVERSAL gives an answer to every situation related to higher education.

For students

EDUNIVERSAL allows students (and their parents !) to choose the best institution giving their career and their means, wherever they live, and wherever they'd wish to go. This could be home (EDUNIVERSAL helps to identify the national institutions that have international influence and recognition), or on the other side of the world!

For human resources & recruiting executives

EDUNIVERSAL helps companies to identify the best local and/or global institutions, throughout the world, where they could hire the talents they need, or send their employees on training.

For higher education institutions

EDUNIVERSAL gives the opportunity to deans, program managers, heads of departments, faculties or any other academic bodies, in a word to any academic officer from the selected business schools, to earn visibility toward their targeted audiences, and to benchmark their performance. More, it could help them to better assess their international applicants, thus not to miss out on the most promising ones. And even sign them up directly online!

For Teachers

EDUNIVERSAL will allow teachers to expand their standing and develop their professional mobility.

For Journalists

With EDUNIVERSAL, a journalist, a blogger or any opinion former could capitalize on the one and only truly universal benchmarking tool on higher education.

At each stage of its development, EDUNIVERSAL is trying to achieve the mission it set itself a target : to allow anyone, wherever he lives on Earth, to find an education that gives him a chance to build the future he has dreamt of.

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