All about the 2009 Convention
Main Purposes of The Convention

The Eduniversal World Convention will gather the 1,000 Best Business Schools from the Official Selection and it will be the occasion to grant them with Trophy awards. Welcome to Cape Town!

The Eduniversal World Convention for its second edition keeps on focusing on the following targets:

To strengthen a global federation of the best Schools & Universities and contribute to the development of Education all around the World.
This event facilitates the development of tight and concrete links between Business Schools from 153 countries and the institutional and political actors involved in Higher Education in the whole World.

To improve our knowledge and to specify the issues dealing with the internationalization of Higher Education and student mobility.
This event is the meeting point of experiences, a place where mutual commitments are made and common actions are decided, a space of discovery and openness to new educational cultures.

To reward the Best Business Schools for 2009.
The investigation and evaluation works done by the international Scientific Committee (enriched thanks the Dean’s vote from the selected Schools & Universities) have resulted in world mapping of the Schools and in a ranking which enables a better identification and comparison between the Schools on a national, regional and international scale.