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Campus Visits

What better way to learn about the development of the best academic institution then making a visit! Take advantage of our Campus visits at Curtin Business Schools!

The suburb of Bentley, located about six kilometers south-east of central Perth, Bentley campus is home to Curtin’s main campus. In close proximity to everything Perth has to offer, thousands of students fill the campus grounds every day of semester, bringing a real vibrancy to the place. Over the past decade the campus has undergone some major changes, all designed to improve the overall students experience.

Here is a short introduction to the Curtin Business School and the some of its gems:

Trading Room

The Trading room provides a truly innovative learning experience, and is unlike any other teaching facility in Western Australia. This distinctive learning space simulates a real-life business environment to prepare students with the practical skills they’ll need to graduate career-ready.

The CBS Trading Room is a valuable tool for both undergraduate and postgraduate business students. Equipped with 20 Bloomberg Professional Software licenses, the facility provides students, staff and industry professionals with access to real-world technology and historic financial data.

The CBS Trading Room is buzzing with activity year-round, with high school visits, student workshops and corporate tours with senior industry and government representatives providing a practical perspective on the delivery of our courses.

The Agency

Curtin Business School’s newest facility lets student experience first-hand how brands can monitor their online presence using social media analytics.

The Agency gives business students and professionals the opportunity to track online trends in real time and carry out social media marketing analytics for actual events and campaigns in a technology-rich environment.

The Agency’s social media command centre provides an impactful visual display highlighting trending hashtags, comment feeds and shared posts from Facebook, Twitter and other key platforms. The command centre’s multi-screen interface utilises Radian6 – a leading social media analytics platform – with touchscreen monitors to provide an authentic and interactive marketing experience.

The facility was developed with input from industry partners, including The Communications Council, the peak body in Australia representing agencies in the marketing communication industry.


The Curtin HIVE (Hub for Immersive Visualisation and eResearch) is an advanced facility established by Curtin University to serve the growing demands of researchers and industry for visualisation, virtualisation and simulation capabilities in Western Australia.

Nationally and internationally, data collection is becoming more intensive. Sensor technologies are improving in quality and capacity, delivering a dramatic increase in data volumes. The HIVE enables a new and improved capability in the interpretation, presentation and communication of research data.

Using the HIVE’s visualisation systems, researchers from all disciplines can manage and use their data more effectively and imaginatively. From the physical sciences and engineering to the health sciences, and from the humanities and creative arts to business, the HIVE delivers powerful data enrichment capabilities, creating new opportunities for knowledge and a superior teaching and training environment.


Secure 24/7 access to the Library during semester

Virtual Library approach to developing our collection to ensure that there is equitable access to resources for all students

Extensive support for Business School students via a specialist Faculty team

Support for Global students including online consultation and workshops via Webex

Individual consultation opportunities and support for postgraduate students, face to face, online or via pre-recorded resources.

The Library provides support to Law and Business students located at the City campus in Murray street including workshops, onsite collection and courier services between Bentley and the City campus.

Pre-study workshops to get postgraduate business students ready for study at University delivered prior to semesters and trimesters commencing

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