The response of Business Schools to the 4th Industrial Revolution


This year's convention is organized in partnership with the Zagreb School of Economics and Management, but our main events will be held at the University of Dubrovnik. We look forward to your participation.

The Zagreb School of Economics and Management

ZSEM is the first AACSB accredited business school in Croatia and the best business school in Croatia with significant international influence, according to Eduniversal. For over fifteen years, the Zagreb School of Economics and Management (ZSEM) has been educating business leaders, economic experts, and innovative entrepreneurs. With more than 2,200 graduates, around 150 lecturers, and 1,200 students, ZSEM is the largest private institution for higher education in Croatia. Our professors are acknowledged and respected Croatian and international business and economics experts. Many of them have completed their education abroad, either in the United States, or in Western Europe. Our student body is largely made up of foreign students, which makes us Croatia’s MOST international business school. Currently, ZSEM has more than 130 partner institutions globally and a large percentage of ZSEM students spend at least one semester on international exchange, without paying any additional tuition fees. In 2017, ZSEM welcomed 410 students who came from 27 different countries and 81 different universities.

The mission of ZSEM is to transfer values, knowledge, and skills that students need for long-term success in a globalized business world undergoing constant technological and market transformations.

The vision of ZSEM is to become recognized as a leading accredited school of economics and management in Croatia, with large alumni community, successfully educated and employed, constantly growing and expanding its knowledge and skills.

ZSEM promotes high ethical and moral values of doing business, responsibility towards people, the community and nature, fostering tolerance, understanding of differences and the culture of dialogue. ZSEM is open to all students who accept the curriculum, the code of conduct and ethics promoted by the school.

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