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This year's convention is organized in partnership with the Zagreb School of Economics and Management, but our main events will be held at the University of Dubrovnik. We look forward to your participation.

Currency and Payment:

The currency of Croatia is the KUNA (HRK) and the average exchange rate is : 1 Euro = 7.389 HRK = 1.193 USD.

The Kuna (HRK) is symbolized as kn. In Dubrovnik and its region, a very touristic destination, it is common to see the double display of prices in Kuna and Euros. Until recently, the use of Euros were rarely accepted as such. However, the possibility of payment in Euros tended to progress since the EU membership (effective in 2013), and the perspective of the adoption of the Euro in the medium term, not before 2019. Payments in Euros are mainly accepted for large sums such as luxury hotels and rentals, but not for daily expenses.

The means of payment which is privileged by tourism and leisure providers remains cash, and note. In some cases of payment by credit card, you will not have to indicate your pin code. However, you will be frequently asked to provide a signature (sometimes electronic) and to show your ID.


Although the city is relatively expanded (20 km), the cultural and historical center is relatively small and only counts 50 000 inhabitants year-round.

The international airport is 24 km away from the city, which is very well served by the bus network. Buses wait outside the airport and transport passengers to any of the main bus stations in the city. A one-way ticket to the city costs 6€ and a one-way ticket to the airport cost 10€. There is also a shared mini bus option (32€) that takes you directly to wherever you want to go, but this must be booked in advance. It’s about a 30 minute ride from the airport to the city.

Bus tickets are very cheap (about 2€), and can be purchased directly from the driver or at kiosks of Libertas which can be found in city parts Pile, Lapad, Gruz or Mokosica. The buses in Dubrovnik run from 05:00 to 24:00.

The taxi service is also very efficient. There are specific stations where you can use them, and they shouldn’t cost more than 15€.

The historic center is entirely pedestrian and does not allow any vehicles.

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