The response of Business Schools to the 4th Industrial Revolution


Why Croatia

Each year, the Eduniversal World Convention takes place in a new geographical zone in order to highlight the richness and diversity of higher education around the world.

This year the convention is taking place in one of the most dynamic regions of the world. This region in Eastern Europe is really important in terms of economy growth, attitude of its customer’s needs, innovations, and geographical presence of business schools in that region; they’re meeting the same requirements, and during this meeting you will be able to learn, and to share different experiences from these schools. The convention is specifically taking place in the unique city of Dubrovnik. For ages, Dubrovnik has been a place where people from all around the world have come together, meeting, trading, discussing, and sharing different kinds of ideas. It’s very symbolic that people from around the world also will be gathering together this year, so that they can share their experiences, their ideas, and their challenges in order to learn, to be better, to be more effective, and to be more efficient.

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