Are students clueless about their lives ?

Are students clueless about their career choices? Do they not know what they want to do for the rest of their lives? Reading the pieces of news and articles, you would think so. We keep coming across the information that undergraduates today are unable to define the industry they would like to work once they graduate, they don’t know what to do with their careers and so on.

Is this so or just the question was asked wrong? What if they are not the confused ones, but the opportunists? What if the students are just riding the wave, having experiences, trying to understand who they are, what inspires them, what they love and would feel proud to be a part of.

Today students and graduates are looking for meaningful jobs, projects and companies, that match their believes, aspirations and ideas. They don’t want to be stuck in one box, one type of job or industry, they want to be ready for any workplace, as long it is what they want and like. Students today just want to be happy!

They see the jobs as new adventures, getting out of the comfort zone, to be enjoyed in good and bad if it’s fulfilling. They look not for industries or just a job that pays at the end of the month, they look for opportunities to contribute to the society, to use their passions and interests for the greater cause. Today students are interested in finding the right fit for their skills and interests, they want to engage, they want to enjoy their work and what it brings, they want meaning.

They are the citizen who looks for work that will be customized and adapted to them, rather than the other way around. Big names mean less to them and the whole world is their playing field. They would rather go abroad and work for a NGO, use their meagre savings to bring to life their own ideas or just trust their gut to take a decision. They want to be able to express themselves and create a world of equal opportunities for everyone. They want to revolutionize everything and everyone.

As a school, it’s in your interest to pay attention to these trends and tendencies. The change is inevitable, and the young people are bringing it. They are our future, the ones who will join us in workforce, in the country decision making process, who will reshape the way things are and will be. They may seem idealistic, but this is exactly their power, and they know it and use it to get their way.

You can be part of their future or face fading away. Listen to them and they will tell you what they want and how they want. By providing adapted curriculum, counselling and encouragement to discover and harvest their inner talents and strength, you will become their guide. By helping them become who they think they are meant to be, you will receive their loyalty and gratitude, and this is the greatest gift that you can have and it’s the gift that will keep you going, innovating and facing the challenges of the years to come.

Mastersbooking Team

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