Business Education in Dubai

Globalization has positively impacted business education in the Middle East. Because of globalization, sectors are looking for qualified and capable candidates equipped with adequate and relevant skill sets. This has directly influenced the growth in higher education in the Middle East. Even with all the growth this sector has experienced, there are forecasts of a 50% growth over the next 10 years in higher education in the Middle East (and North African area – MENA). Another notable growth is the increased access for girls to receive higher educational training in the MENA area. Particularly, growth in the field of management studies have grown immensely.

Globalization has positively impacted business education in the United Arab Emirates. UAE has always placed high priority on its education sector. The state has implemented a 20-year plan to raise the standards of its level of education, so that it matches the science and technology output level. There are many diverse undergraduate and graduate programmes available in the field of business and commerce; “Combo Programmes” have been designed to fit and serve the expansion of immerging markets, such as studies in: engineering and management, Master’s of Sports Management, MBA in Aviation Management, MSc. In Health Care Management, and MBA in Real Estate & Urban Infrastructure, to name a few.

Globalization has positively impacted business education in Dubai. The main higher educational programmes in Dubai are in the field of Business Administration and Information Technology – in 2014, BBA students were 44% of the total number of students in Dubai. There is a plethora of beautiful architecture and big businesses throughout this advanced and modern city. There are many opportunities to find a job in the field of business because of infrastructure, trade, and commerce development in Dubai. Short courses, seminars, and workshops in business management, hospitality management, tourism finance, as well as other courses are offered in polytechnics.

The Middle East, UAE, and Dubai are all benefiting from the growth in business education that globalization caused. They are ensuring that their business programmes are staying up-to-date and relevant with the current market demands, and because of this, they are all reaping in the rewards. UAE ranked 10th for the quality of its education system in the 2016-2014 Global Competitive Report. Almost all of the countries in the Middle East have been represented in the 2016 Eduniversal 1000 Best Business Schools, and five UAE business schools have made the list. This geographical region’s momentum in business education is clearly not slowing down anytime soon, and we are so thrilled to have our 10th Eduniversal World Convention in this city of endless possibilities

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