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Here at Eduniversal, we are growing with excitement as we prepare for the 10th anniversary of the Eduniversal World Convention that will be held at the American University in Dubai, in Dubai, UAE this November. We’re looking forward to the wonderful opportunity to knowledge-sharing, learning, and networking. We've gathered the perspectives of many individuals on the five most useful and effective networking tips, so that you can also prepare for not only the convention, but any networking event. Below are five essential tips on how to benefit greatly from a networking event:

1) Ask about others first

Networking is about building relations first and foremost. When you express interest in others, they'll express interest in you. As some say, "be interested, not interesting."

2) Be organized, take notes

Meeting and connecting with many new faces during such a quick period of time can get overwhelming. To be organized and keep track of different connections and conversations, you could write down key memory indicators on their business card or in the convention’s Networking Handbook after the conversation, or at the end of the convention. With the help of technology, this step can be very easy. An alternative to using pen and paper is to simply use the notes in your event app and record them there. This will step will come in handy later (see no. 4).

3) Be helpful

There is nothing wrong with strengthening your network, especially from the beginning. They say that helping your network grow in strength, will in return help you get stronger too. If you meet someone who you think would be interested in conversing with a previous connection you made, share it! Having a "giver-mentality" has long-term benefits, since it lays a foundation of trust and respect from the beginning.

4) Follow Up

Using the notes (see no. 2), follow-up with more than the typical "it was nice to meet you" email. Maybe you found information post-conversation that could benefit them (from travel recommendations for the up-coming trip they talked about, to business contacts who could really benefit their job). This post-convention information sharing builds on the foundation of trust and respect that was set during the convention, as well as builds rapport.

5) Make appearances

Whether it's through social media postings, email correspondence, or in-person at future conventions, it's important to keep your network updated. As life changes, your network could benefit from these updates. You never know what doors could open because of those in your network !

Mastersbooking Team

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