There is an educational chasm and we need to cross it

The world has changed, and it keeps changing, however the global educational system is not changing fast enough. We are still educated in a system that is based on the transfer of knowledge, top-down, one-size-fits-all; a system build for the manufacturing economy, where everyone is an employee who knows how to perform certain tasks or job.

Today, however we leave in a world where information and knowledge are the main traded goods, and communication, collaboration, analytical and problem-solving abilities are the main searched skills. We live in a digital economy and we need and look for talented, aspirational and creative people, who are in love with their jobs, who are committed to improve the world and make it a better place for everyone.

We all know and feel it: there is an educational chasm and we need to cross it! We need an education system that listens and adapts, a system that prioritizes every single individual and has the society at its core. To cross this chasm, we need the support of these pylons:


People don’t learn from people they don’t like and don’t respect. Students need the be inspired to work harder and make progress, and that is only possible if they have in front of them a person who engage them, who is not afraid to answer challenging questions, who teaches skills and not tests. We need teachers who are there not only to teach and pass the knowledge, but who also allow students to seek solutions in their own way, using paths that are not marked yet, to experiment and not be afraid of failure; we need teachers who will encourage students to be themselves and help them exploit their natural talents.

Customised curriculum

A wonderful teacher can bring a lot to the classroom, but if the educational curriculum is too rigid and not adapted, there is not much he or she can do about it. A customized curriculum based on the same core of skills and knowledge, which can be adapted and customized to the needs of each student, will make a real difference. Students will be able to learn at their own speed; really understand how to apply the skills they are getting and receive the help they need when they are struggling. A customized curriculum will bring motivation and understanding and will remove the boredom.


Technology is here to make our lives easier, to make us more collaborative and prepare us for the real world. Living in a digital world means students need to be ready for the future and have digital citizenship skills. Allowing them access to phones, tablets and computers will give them most-up-to-date information, will teach them to be collaborative and teach them to be responsible online, while having a teacher to supervise and help them deal with it. Having technology included in a classroom will allow students to learn from one another, to have fun while studying and prepare them for the workforce.

As Klaus Schwab, founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum said: We need a new mindset and a true revolution to adapt our educational systems to the education needed for the future. We all play a part, so let’s be the vectors of change, let’s be the BRAVE one who did it!

Mastersbooking Team

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