Why attend

The Eduniversal World Conference is an opportunity to be inspired by the world wide academic achievements of various institutions over a span of four days. These four days offer an opportunity to network and combine various ideas, to brainstorm, and connect with the best academic institutions in the world. We will be honoring the best business universities at this conference and their ranking is based upon our world wide ranking system. This system is committed to improving international education and constantly exploring how progression can continue. This year we look forward to bringing our mission to Bangkok, Thaïland and having our best conference yet. The growth that schools experience and the insight that they gain from the Eduniversal conference is always amazing to see; and we would love for you to be a part of this week in Bangkok and benefit first hand from all the opportunities that this experience has to offer.

In our fast-moving world, it's easy to forget the importance of being in a live face-to-face setting with others from the higher education community.

Being active in your field can bring many benefits. We narrowed them down to 3 main reasons why you should attend the Eduniversal World Convention.

Great Networking

Our participants are leaders; professionals and decision makers in the field of higher education; and executive representatives and directors from the Masters and MBA programs included in the Eduniversal Official Selection.  Join them; mix and mingle; form new positive, strong relationships; and strengthen existing ones.  Collaborate, engage and discover competitive advantages that will enhance your and your institution’s  success. The Convention is  the place where great things can happen!

The Eduniversal Awards Ceremonies are glamourous awards evenings that recognize the achievements of the Best Business Schools in the world, those who are standing out and are paving the way to qualitative and innovativeeducation globally,regionally and locally. Be seen to support and celebrate the Higher Education industry’s achievements, raise your profile among the most renewed names in the Higher Education field. The Eduniversal Awards Ceremonies are the events that will inspire you to strive to greatness!
The Eduniversal World Convention is a great place to bring together like-minded individuals with different backgrounds, histories, and paths. It’s a great opportunity to hear new ideas, to exchange perspectives and learn more about what's happening in the field of the Higher Education. Reignite your enthusiasm in your profession!

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