Why Thaïland

Each year, the Eduniversal World Convention takes place in a new geographical zone in order to highlight the richness and diversity of higher education around the world.

This year the convention is taking place in Southeast Asia, Thailand. This region known for his high economic growth which is outward-looking is one of the best place to learn and share experiences. The 12th edition of Eduniversal World Convention is especially taking place in Bangkok, one of the most dynamic city in the world.

After a first step in Asia, during the 4th edition of Eduniversal World Convention (2011) in Shangai, this return is an chance to review and exchange around this nine years evolution. Indeed, Asia has always had a concern for higher education and innovation, which has always made of this region one of the most dynamic. In fact with a soaring demography, Asia faces today his most important educated young people, which was accounted 1.6 billions in 2015. In other words, almost half of all world’s young people.

Perfect contrast between historic architecture and modernity, Bangkok is a symbol of authenticity and originality. Place of all the country’s major event, this city is a key point for political, economical and commercial decisions.

In 30 years, Bangkok has become an important center, in a constant state of growth. A place where people from all around the world can meet, exchange, trade, discuss and learn from each other.

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