Awards Ceremony 2021

Discover the Top 3 BS in 9 Geographical Zones

Palmes of Excellence Trophies Ceremony

2021 Eduniversal Palmes of Excellence Trophies Ceremony

Why You Should Attend?


Immerse yourself using an 3D technology platform offering participants the first virtual education event in a space customized from registration to breakout discussions, networking sessions, awards and trophies ceremonies, conferences, hands-on sessions, Peer to Peer meetings, and so much more. You'll learn about new trends in Education, technologies, and services, all designed to help you solve problems and plan for the future. Plus, you will get your institution trophy. Enrich your academic experience with the latest trends in business and education management.

Take time to meet with your fellow industry professionals in a 3D world. Be sure to use our peer-to-peer platform to book your meetings prior to the event.

Throughout the 3 days, you can enjoy 3D receptions, awards ceremonies, dancing and many social activities like a soccer field, a beach and boats for team building exercises like a live event.

Share and Learn

  • Keynote & Plenary sessions with top speakers
  • Interactive group discussions
  • Workshops and podcasts
  • Best practice cases
  • «Let’s meet in my campus” series
  • Innovation Changemakers Showcase
  • Focus sessions & activities


  • Expand your networking with leading Institutions that fit your preferences
  • Online networking to organise your Peer-to-Peer meetings
  • Unlimited Peer-to-Peer meetings
  • Become Convention Ambassador of your geographical zone
  • Cultural and informal networking activities with dancing, playing, laughing and much more…

Rewards & Recognition

  • Palmes of Excellence trophies ceremony for each ranked attending institutions
  • Top BS Awards ceremony: Top 3 institutions in 9 geographical zones
  • 2021 Eduniversal Business Schools Ranking in 154 countries disclosure
  • 1 to 1 meetings with the Eduniversal Evaluation Agency experts

Academic Partners / Geographical School Ambassadors

The American University in Cairo
NUS - National University of Singapore
Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile
GW Business
Indian Institute of Management Bangalore
ALMA - Almaty Management University
College Of Management, NSYSU

2021 Programme

Globalization and Higher Education: Trends and Impacts for Tomorrow

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Globalization especially matters these days because of a new phenomenon: Deglobalization. For various reasons among which political changes, USA & China conflicts, Climate change and COVID Pandemic.
After our ISC meetings we held last spring 2021 with each of our ISC members, it had led us to wonder whether we are witnessing the end of globalization, at least in its current forms. Therefore, we asked ourselves about the future of globalization, and the impacts of these new forms on Business, and especially on Business Education.

Thus, each day of the Convention had focused on 3 dimensions of Globalization that we believe are the key for the Business Schools:

  • Business dimension: Impacts on business and especially on business schools
  • Environmental dimension: Environmental impacts and Business Schools
  • Impacts on human and managerial behavior: New mobility and flexibility forms for the innovative change dynamic.

Withing the framework of these dimensions, 2 other important aspects were also presented throughout the 2021 Eduniversal World Convention programme:

  • the human being, and the human factor
  • the cultural dimension of globalization: diverse cultures, the wide variety of knowledge, singularity as a source/condition for innovation.

Prof. Sung Joo PARK

Globalization and Higher Education: Trends and Impacts for Tomorrow

Eduniversal 3D World

After months of investigation on all the existing platforms and tools for remote events, our main purpose was to offer participants a very accessible solution with a unique experience, well thought interactions, great conferences with notable speakers but also significant possibilities to network as they are used to experience in the physical format.

In 2020, Eduniversal worked closely with Laval Virtual (Europe/France) and its partner VirBELA (USA) as the official partner for the last 2020 Eduniversal World Convention in a 3D World.
With the same commitment, the 2021 Eduniversal World Convention brought participants to a new immersive experience offering participants the unique virtual education event in a space customized from registration to breakout discussions, networking sessions, awards and trophies ceremonies…
The result? Just like with a live event, attendees will live the conference feeling connected, energized, inspired, and educated.

San Diego
Singularity University
Davenport University


All the institutions that have been registered for the 2021 Eduniversal World Convention will be able to network and organize video-meetings with their peers/Eduniversal Experts once per week, during the weeks after the event.

The Eduniversal Matching tool, an easy-to-use networking platform, will help you to identify the right people and Academic Institutions who have the common networking priorities & objectives.

Eduniversal experts are available to assist you in your strategy and organization of your Peer-to-Peer meetings. Don’t hesitate to contact us to schedule your personal networking session.

Maximize your networking opportunities and make your participation effective!

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