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One of the unique aspects of the Eduniversal World Convention is the opportunity to network among Peers of international business schools and Masters programs.

It has become a tradition for many institutions to meet collaborators and partners at this annual event. The 9th annual Eduniversal World Convention in Perth, Australia will continue to offer these special meetings where schools can learn from each other, create new partnerships, and discuss other opportunities.

Who should attend?

  • Deans and Directors of Business Schools and Masters programs
  • Higher education associations
  • Government officials from the higher education industry
  • Country Ambassadors
  • Professionals in the field of Education
  • Communication directors
  • Media

Networking opportunities at the 9th Annual Eduniversal World Convention include:

  • Welcome cocktail
  • Networking Dinner
  • Peer to Peer meetings
  • Exposition Hall table (for first 40 registrations)
  • Campus visits
  • Industry tour and workshops
  • Cultural activities
"The Eduniversal World Convention is like the United Nations of the Educational World.”

Prof. Dr. Aneeta MADHOK, Eduniversal International Scientific Committee Member - Central Asia
”We understand the influence of Eduniversal and the importance of attending this conference to meet with our counterparts. It is a great platform and Eduniversal has become a very important event for all the business schools in the world."

Dr. Wei LU, University of Science and Technology of China School of Management
"The new classification Eduniversal is doing is very innovative, it is very thoughtful... and most of all, I like the vision."

Prof. Joseph PHILIP, President, Xavier Institute of Management & Entrepreneurship - Bangalore (India)
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