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Curtin Business School

Curtin Business School is one of the largest business schools in Australia and is a significant multi-national player. Over 13,000 students from more than 140 countries study a comprehensive range of undergraduate and postgraduate business courses at Curtin University in Perth, its overseas campuses and partner locations.

Curtin Business School has considerable experience and influence in providing high-quality and transformative education and research across Australia and the Asian region. One of the school's great strengths is its ability to develop internationally focused and industry-ready graduates.

The school works closely with industry to enrich the educational experience of students and contributes to research and development in Australia and beyond. To achieve this, Curtin Business School has developed strategic alliances with industry to conduct industry-connected research and ensure relevant business education.

The Curtin Business School Advisory Board network forms one of the most extensive advisory groups of any Australian business school. With more than 70 senior members of industry represented, the school has access to a wealth of insight and expertise that works to shape curriculum for the benefit of students and industry alike.

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Host & Sponsor

Host & Sponsor : Curtin Business School

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