Linked to Impact


In an era where the forces of progress and innovation continuously reshape societies, our shared commitment to raising impact awareness becomes ever more critical. Educational institutions dedicated to driving meaningful change play a significant role in accelerating innovation. Motivation and engagement are essential driving forces behind their efforts, as they strive to create connections and influence transformative shifts within the education landscape. Recognizing the ever-evolving nature of society, these institutions embrace changes and proactively seek pathways to encourage transformation. They understand that raising impact and awareness requires a clear sense of purpose and a deep understanding of the challenges at hand. By promoting a culture of commitment and ambition, they inspire individuals to become incentive for change, paving the way for a future where education makes a real difference in the lives of learners and the broader community.

During the 16th Eduniversal World Convention, hosted by the University of the South Pacific in the breathtakingly beautiful island of Fiji, we will dive deep into the topic of impact-linked education, exploring how to maximize our collective efforts in creating a transformative educational landscape. Through engaging sessions, collaborative activities, and thought-provoking exchanges, we aim to channel the power of education to make a real and lasting difference.

The convention will explore four main themes shaping the future of business education:

Challenges for Business Schools
We will discuss the crucial role of business schools in preparing future leaders to face the economic and social challenges of the 21st century. Participants will be able to share their best practices, their projects and start initiating new actions.

Collaboration & Transmission
The transfer of knowledge between generations is at the heart of peaceful culture. So is mutual aid, team spirit and collaboration as a solution to challenges. We'll focus on how business schools can work together to share knowledge and foster mutual growth. We'll also be discussing the evolution of learning methods, the relationship with artificial intelligence, and new soft skills. Intergenerational transmission is at the heart of peaceful culture.

Sustainable Development
Sustainable development will be one of the common threads running through the presentations and activities, with a focus on how business schools can integrate sustainability into their teaching and practice.

Change & Climate Change
Climate change is one of the most pressing challenges facing our planet, and the Pacific is particularly vulnerable. We will explore how business schools can contribute to mitigating its effects and promoting sustainability in collaboration with institutional, economic, and social players.

By intertwining these themes, the convention aims to drive meaningful change with lasting impact.