Combo EWC2023 + Eduniversal LINK: bring your internationalization to the next level!

EDUNIVERSAL LINK: Recruitment & Networking for the Professionals in HE Industry and Academic Institutions

One of the reasons the Academic Institutions attend the annual Eduniversal World Conventions is to network with the professionals in HE from all over the world. This year we have created a special registration Convention package that includes annual access to Eduniversal LINK with launching offer (50% off and 6 months services offered). The platform is on the opening phase and will be operational starting from October.

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Eduniversal Link

Today, Eduniversal is a recognized player in the Higher Education Market in France and around the world, with its various rankings: 1000 best business schools in 153 countries; Rankings of the best 7000 Masters and MBAs in 82 fields of study worldwide, etc.

We have always been passionate about guiding students and schools regarding the best and appropriate solutions for them. We always aim to respond to the issues that schools and professionals in business education face today.

Therefore, it was natural for us to build simple, fast & efficient recruitment and networking platform for the professionals in higher education. Thus, EDUNIVERSAL LINK was born!

It’s an easy-to-use multilingual platform that delivers relevant match results efficiently, with privacy and simplicity for the professionals in HE and schools/headhunters with the objective to help:

Eduniversal Link


to be identified by schools and Headhunters in HE based on different search criteria such as expertise, experience, missions, research, availability, preferences, etc) and recruited in one click.


To recruit professionals & find partners to collaborate with for their next innovation projects based on their needs and preferences, and without travelling.

For more information about Eduniversal LINK, please visit our website: