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About Eduniversal

Eduniversal Group is a global leader in higher education information. Our goal is to provide students worldwide with the tools to find the best education opportunities. Eduniversal's widely recognized academic rankings are the centrepiece of a global ecosystem of websites and services. Last year more than 4 250 000 students used Eduniversal in their search for the right program.

Founded in France in 1994, Eduniversal Group cultivates a truly international outlook - our employees hail from over 20 countries.

"We will continue to bring inspired people together to ensure Eduniversal remains at the forefront of what we do: encourage the proliferation of academic excellence, support international exchange and improve the mobility of students and faculty." – Martial Guiette, CEO & Founder of Eduniversal

Our mission :

To provide the tools and expertise to enable individuals - regardless of: nationality, income level or background, to navigate the best global educational opportunities and to make the right personal choices, from selecting an academic institution to choosing a career.

To provide an in-depth view on global academic expertise to all stakeholders of higher education, with the goal of actively supporting international exchanges between schools, encouraging mobility for professors and students, and assisting HR professionals to identify specialized talent.