Immerse yourself in conferences, hands-on sessions, 1:1 meetings, and so much more. You'll learn about new trends in Education, technologies, and services, all designed to help you solve problems and plan for the future. Plus, maybe you will get your trophy. Enrich your academic experience with the latest trends in business and education management.

Take time to meet with your fellow industry professionals. Be sure to use our platform peer-to-peer to book your meetings prior to the event.

Eduniversal World Convention isn’t all work and no play, in fact it’s just the opposite. Throughout the 4 days, you can enjoy 3D receptions, awards ceremonies, dancing and many social activities like a soccer field, a beach and boats for team building exercises.

  • Share the latest knowledge about interprofessional education and collaborative practices.
  • Discuss important issues related to Higher education and how they might be addressed.
  • Form collaborative relationships.
  • Thought-provoking and hands-on sessions.
  • Gain tangible insight.
  • Plan your roadmap for the next 5 years down the road.
  • Have some fun.

Plenary sessions with top speakers

Interactive sessions

Roundtables and workshops

Campuses and companies visits

Expand your academic impact and empower your partnerships and connections.

Peer-to-peer matching platform

Exhibition where you can showcase your institution and connect with others with a feeling of presence and togetherness

Icebreaking sessions with dancing, playing, laughing and much more…

Excellence trophy ceremony: yearly personalised trophy for each ranked attending institutions

Award ceremony: Top 3 institutions in 9 geographical zones

It is important for us to organize this convention around fun & well thought interactions as well.

From dinner cruises to city tours, there's never a dull moment during the 4 days convention.

Coming together in the Eduniversal 3D World will allow us to work, celebrate, play, dance in a way that feels immersive and personal, allowing us to explore, interact and socialize -- bringing event to life.

Because images speak louder than words