B2B Matching tool

Eduniversal B2B matching / networking tool

Enable attendees to select and schedule meetings with prospective and current partners, before and during the convention

This tool takes into account the criteria of each participant regarding her/his search for a partnership and proposes meetings with the corresponding schools.

How does it work ?

The peer-to-peer platform is a smart matchmaking tool that helps attendees connect with the right person.

Designed to improve interactions allowing attendees, to send customized requests, to book appointments during the 5-day convention:

  1. As an attendee, you can login, tailor your preferences: zone, country, number of palmes of excellence, kind of partnership you are looking for...

  2. One month before the event, the matching process is activated.

  3. You receive meeting proposal fitting with your criteria's, you are free to accept or deny the requests you receive and can suggest a new timing.

“The tool is quite simple to use; I was able to request and schedule onsite meetings…simply brilliant.”
“It was my first time using the tool and it made it very easy to match with other colleagues that shared the same focus…I was amazed at how much productive my meetings were since I had time to prepare key points prior to the meeting.”