2020 Eduniversal 3D World Convention is organized thanks to the fruitful collaboration with Laval Virtual (Europe/France) and its partner

Our partnership was born from a thorough research of all the existing platforms for remote events, and they had what could meet all our needs: a very accessible solution, well thought interactions, great conference, and meeting configurations, but also significant possibilities of concurrent connections.

We choose these partners as they are an enthusiastic and dedicated team of instructional designers, developers, 3D artists, psychologists, and serious game creators. But also, experienced in Higher Education sector and in what makes Virtual Events so special.

Eduniversal 3D World has been prepared using an immersive technology platform for education, events and business that revolutionizes the way people attend events, meetings or classes remotely.

Its modern, cloud-based environment provides a virtual experience for, attendees, students, workers and more to communicate, collaborate, meet and socialize.

Laval Virtual

A major facilitator in Virtual Reality


The mission of Laval Virtual is to serve, inform and animate the community of users of VR/AR and immersive techniques in its BtoB uses through meeting and discussion platforms and information services.

In its 20 years of existence, Laval Virtual has established itself as key facilitator for organisations in the VR/AR sector.

It brings together and animates a community of professionals throughout the year, for which it holds shows in Europe and Asia, conference programs and provides various information services technological watch, publications, workshop reports, etc.).

Network with peers in a real-time, authentic way:

With a virtual event space that feels immersive and customized, from registration to event check-in to kick-off rallies to breakout discussions.

The result? Just like with a live event, attendees ‘leave’ the conference feeling connected, energized, inspired, and educated. And at the same time, event hosts are able to provide an experience that eliminates the fear of travel or large groups, all while enjoying unprecedented cost savings.

For more information please contact :

Cecile Escape - Eduniversal
Aurore de Courville - Laval Virtual

Some Schools already use these solutions :